CHAPTER # 7 Fundamental Principles of Organic Chemistry(F.sc Part 2) Chemistry Mcqs

Fundamental Principles of Organic Chemistry

1. The state of hybridization of carbon atom in
    methane is

(A) Sp3                           (B) Sp2
(C) Sp                             (D) dsP2

2. In t-butyl alcohol, the tertiary carbon is bonded to

(A) Two hydrogen atoms
(B) Three hydrogen atoms
(C) One hydrogen atoms
(D) No hydrogen atoms

3. Which set of hybrid orbitals has planar triangular shape

(A) Sp3                                (B) Sp
(C) Sp2                                (D) dsp2

4. The chemist who synthesized urea from ammonium cyanate was

(A) Berzelius                               (B) Kolbe
(C) Wholer                                  (D) Lavoisier

5. Linear shape is associated with which set of hybrid orbitals ?

(A) Sp                              (B) Sp2
(C) Sp3                            (D) dsp2

6. A double bond consists of.

(A) Two sigma bond
(B) One sigma and one pi bond
(C) One sigma and two pi bond
(D) Two pi-bond

7. Ethers show the phenomenon of

(A) Position isomerism
(B) Functional group isomerism
(C) Metamerism
(D) Cis-trans isomerism.

8. Select from the following the one which is alcohol.

(A) CH3 --------CH2--------OH
(B) CH3---------O-----------CH3
(D) CH3--------CH2--------Br

9. Early chemists recognized organic compounds
      distinct from inorganic compounds because of

 (A) The difference in their origin and
 (B) The similarities in their origin but
       difference in their propertied
 (C) Both of the above
 (D) None of the above

10. The vital force theory was rejected by

A) Jhon Dalton B) Friedrick Wohler
C) Dmitri Mendeleev D) None of the above

11. We have become dependent for our food
        medicines and clothing   to which compounds.

(A) Inorganic compounds
(B) Organic compounds
(C) Both of the above
(D) None of the above

12. Natural Gas is a

(A) Mixture of hydrocarbons
(B) Methane
(C) Both of the above
(D) Nonn of the above

13. In Pakistan the natural gas is used for.

(A) For power generation only
(B) In coment and fertilizer industries only
(C) As a fuel in general industries and for
     domestic purposes
(D) All of the above are truce

14. At what temperature coal is heated in the observe of air for converting it into coke, coal
gas, and coal tar

(A) Temperature ranging from 500-1000oC
(B) Temperature ranging from 100-1000oC
(C) Temperature ranging from 300-2000oC
(D) Temperature ranging from 1000-3000oC

 15. Cracking of petroleum is taken place by

A) Thermal cracking B) Catalytic cracking
C) Steam cracking D) All of the above

16. The structure of alkynes can be explained by yet another mode of hybridization called as

(A) Sp2 hybridization  
(B) Sp3 hybridization
(C) Sp5 hybridization  
(D) Sp hybridization

17. Metamerism aries due to the.

(A) Equal distribution of carbon atoms
(B) Unequal distribution of carbon atoms
(C) Both of the above are true
(D) None of the above are true

18. Cis-trans isomerism is also called as

(A) Geometric Isomerism
(B) Position Isomerism
(C) Chain Isomerism
(D) Metamerism

19. Coal, petroleum and natural gas are important
      sources of.

(A) Organic compounds
(B) Inorganic compounds
(C) Both of the above
(D) None of the above

20. Organic compounds are classified into

(A) Acyclic and cyclic compound
(B) Acyclic & Heterocyclic
(C) Non-cyclic
(D) All of the above

21. Rate of reactions of most organic compounds

a) Very slow
b) Very fast
c) Medium
d) No regular character present

22. Coal is produced after a long time decay of

a) Animals b) Fossils
c) Wood d) Ores

23. Ether functional group can be represented

a) –OH b) R-CO-R
c) R-O-R d) R-COOH

24. 2-propanol can show isomerism as _______

a) Metamerism
b) Functional group isomerism
c) Geometric isomerism
d) None of above

25. The hydrocarbons which give smoke on burning is called________

a) Aliphatic b) Aromatic
c) Carboxylic acid d) Aldehydes

26. In sp3 hybridization, the geometry of molecules will be_________

a) Square planar b) Trigonal pyramidal
c) Tetrahedral d) All are possible

27. Only sigma bonds are present in _______

a) Propene b) Butanoic acid
c) Butanal d) Ethoxy butane

28. In alkyne, the hybridization is____________

a) sp2 b) sp
c) sp d) All

29. Octane no. of any fuel can be improved by ______

a) Pyrolysis b) Reforming
c) Polymerization d) Condensation

30. The fuel having 40% n-heptane & 60% iso-octane will have octane number

a) 40 b) 60
c) 80 d) 90

31. Which of them is heterocyclic organic compound?

a) Benzene b) Cresol
c) Naphthalene d) Pyridine

32. Which one is the mixture of 215 organic compounds?

a) Water gas b) Coal gas
c) Coal tar d) Crude coal gas

33. Octane number is the percentage of

n-pentane in a mixture
n-butane in a mixture
n-hexane in a mixture
2, 2, 4 – trimethyl pentane in a mixture

34. During the fractional distillation of petroleum, paraffin oil boils between the ranges

a) 25oC b) 40 – 180oC
c) 175 – 275oC d) 220 – 350oC

35. The octane number of gasoline may increased by adding

a) EDTA b) NaOH
c) AgNO3 d) PB(C2H5)4

36. Which process increases the yield of gasoline from petroleum?
a) Cracking b) Polymerization
c) Reforming d) Sublimation

37. Consider the reaction
3C2H2 EMBED Equation.3   C6H6
This is the example of

a) Pyrolysis b) Polymerization
c) Sublimation d) Addition

38. Which one is acyclic hydrocarbon?

a) C6H6 b) C2H6
c) C6H12 d) CH4

39. Which type of isomerism is shown by the following compounds?
CH3 – CH2 – CHO, CH3 – CO – CH3

Chain isomerism
Position isomerism
Functional group isomerism

40. The type of isomerism found in 1 – butene and 2 – butane is

a) Position b) Chain
c) Functional group d) Metamerism

41. The members of which of these have similar methods of preparation and properties

a) Isomers b) Homologues
c) Polymers d) Monomers

42. The maximum number of isomers for an alkene with molecular formula C4H8 is

a) 2 b) 3
c) 4 d) 5

43. Which of the following is most stable ion?

a) CH3 – H2C+ b) (CH3)2 HC+
c) (CH3)3 C+ d) All of these

44. Which of the following is not an organic compound?

a) Urea b) Oxalic acid
c) Natural gas d) Plaster of Paris

45. Kerosine oil is a mixture of

a) Alkane b) Alkene
c) Alkynes d) All of these

46. Which of the following compounds does not contain an OH group?

a) Alcohol b) Phenol
c) Aldehyde d) Carboxylic acid

47. The chemical formula of chloride is

a) CH3OH b) CCl3OH
c) CCl3CHO d)   None of these

48. Petroleum in the unrefined form is called ____

a) Rock oil b) Coal gas
c) Crude oil d) Both a & c

49. Natural gas mainly consists of ________

a) Methane b) Ethane
c) Propane d) Butane

50. _______ is a mixture of methane, ethane,
propane and butane, used as a fuel and for
making other organic chemicals.

a) Refinery gas b) Gasoline
c) Kerosene oil d) Gas oil

51. A large number of organic compounds,
especially the unsaturated ones, show a great
tendency to unit. This process is termed as

a) Pyrolysis b) Cracking
c) Polymerization d) None of these

52. An isomer of ethanol is ________

a) Dimethyl ether b) Diethyl ether
c) Ethylene glycol d) Methanol

53. When ethylene is heated under pressure, a
transparent solid polymer, ________ is

a) Polyethene b) Ethane
c) Methane d) None of these

54. The quality of petroleum is determined by

a) Decane number b) Octane number
c) Hexane number d) None of these

55. Two or more than two different compounds
having the same molecular formula but
different carbon chains or skeletons are said
to be ______

a) Chain isomers
b) Position isomers
c) Functional group isomers
d) Metamers

56. The kind of isomerism which depends upon
the relative position of the functional group, or
the position of double or tripe bond in case of
unsaturated compounds is termed as

a) Chain isomerism
b) Position isomerism
c) Functional group isomerism
d) Metamerism

57. Isomerism, which involves compounds having
the same molecular formula, but different
functional groups are called _______

a) Chain isomerism
b) Position isomerism
c) Functional group isomerism
d) Metamerism

58. _______ is exhibited by compounds having
the same functional group but different alkyl
attached to the same multivalent atom.

a) Chain isomerism
b) Position isomerism
c) Functional group isomerism
d) Metamerism

59. In cracking usually catalyst used is _______

a) Pt b) Aluuminosilicate
c) Ni d) Tetra ethyl lead

60. In CCl4 molecule the four valencies of carbon
atom are directing towards the corners of a

a) Cube b) Hexagon
c) Prism d) Tetrahedron

61. The general formula (RCO)2O represents

a) An ether b) Ketone
c) An ester d) An acid hydride

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